Usha Rohith - HR Testimonial

Usha Rohith, Advisor, Human Resources, AECOM, Abu Dhabi, UAE Usha Rohith - HS Testimonial

I Learned to Make Small Innovations at the Workplace
Q: What is relevance of the training program you undertook from Blue Ocean in the industry that you work for or the job that you do?
A: It is an excellent opportunity for HR professionals to sharpen their knowledge and skills. Apart from the international certification, it is a good learning experience. I got the latest industry updates, learned more about HR terminologies and techniques. There were a lot of brain-storming sessions. The practical sessions were very useful. I acquired new professionals expertise and etiquette.
Q: How do you think international certification and training will promote your job prospects in the UAE and worldwide?
A: International certification definitely prepares individuals to face new employment challenges. Individuals and professionals feel that they are held in high esteem and are able to face employers more confidently and with ease.
Q: Do you believe in constantly updating your skills to contribute effectively to your job?
A: Of course. The courses that I took from Blue Ocean gave me exposure and lot of ideas that could be implemented in my workplace. I started with small changes but I am helpful that they will help chart the way to the future.
Q: How have you benefitted from the Blue Ocean training?
A: It was good opportunity to meet with people from different industries, cultures, and work ethics. Getting to know more people meant getting more ideas about introducing new concepts at the workplace. I enjoyed different perspectives of individuals - many with a supremely positive outlook. Definitely, the trainer is knowledgeable - willing to listen and clarify.
Q: Blue Ocean conducts free training seminars and workshops at regular intervals, please mention if you have attended any of these and if this has helped you on the job or at a personal level?
A: The best part about Blue Ocean is that they ensure continuous learning through free workshops even after your training is over. These workshops open up new horizons which help in developing new skills at work. In the end, Blue Ocean offers immense value for the money spent by students.  
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