Why Should You Be a Certified Purchasing Professional?

Certified Purchasing Professional Training  offered by the American Purchasing Society, USA. Experienced buyers, purchasing agents and purchasing managers employed in any industry’s procurement field can benefit from taking up this course. The course helps candidates to comprehend the basics of procurement, international sourcing, and risk management. Candidates who take up this course become knowledgeable in concepts like business ethics, quality logistics, accounting, negotiating, cost price, general purchasing, terms and conditions, policies and procedures, certification, essential laws for buyers and sellers, math for buyers and sellers, drafting, and inventory management. They also gain valuable skills required for efficiently carryout out their purchasing roles. Further, completing the CPP program successfully and getting certified in it validates your professional dedication, training and reliability. Employers look for proof in this regard, and certifications provide them with this. Thus, with the CPP certification, your newly acquired qualification, skill-sets, and training is declared to your current and future employer. Additionally, taking effort to get certified demonstrates your commitment to improve yourself and your organization! The CPP certification also helps in your career upliftment. Once you get certified, you are eligible to apply for various professional positions such as senior buyers, purchasing directors, purchasing agents, purchasing managers, etc. The CPP certification entitles you to earn better. With this certification, you can earn 23.4% higher wages than your non-certified counterparts. A nationwide survey has conveyed this fact! Further, the CPP certification helps in your personal improvement. CPP certified candidates have been reported to display a noticeable degree of improvement in areas including personal satisfaction, pride and confidence. These outcomes of the certification gets reflected in their work performance. Apart from all these benefits of the CPP certification, a general benefit worth mentioning is the application of the certification after your name. You can use the full form (Certified Purchasing Professional) or the initials (CPP) after your name. This imparts a professional look to your name displayed on stationeries, email signatures, business cards, letter pads, etc. Rounding up, we would like to encourage you to take up the CPP certification course and reap its lucrative benefits. The Blue Ocean Academy, a prestigious certification institute, which has tied up with esteemed certification bodies like the APS offers this course to those who need them. Do visit their site (https://www.blueoceanacademy.com) to avail this program. The candidates should have a minimum of two years of business experience plus a degree or three years business experience to enroll in this program. Register today for Certified Purchasing Professional CPP training and certification visit : https://www.blueoceanacademy.com/courses/purchase-certification.html

Hey Procurement Professionals, this post is for you!

Hey Procurement Professionals, this post is for you!

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