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Risks that affect the supply chain are subjected to continuous growth and change. Starting from supplier relationships, manufacturing processes, to shipping of finished products and quality of products etc. supply chain is vulnerable to multiple risks. These can be divided into external and internal ‘drivers’.

With the boom in international commerce, it has become a big challenge for nations to manage supply chain security. Several organizations are concerned about their supply chain risks that apart from the traditional supply and delivery issues are also affecting security, environment and society. Shockingly, during the pandemic, it came to light that many companies were not fully aware of the vulnerability of their supply chain management risks to global threats.

Even while devising risk management plan for businesses, it may also happen that there could be risk factors that are out of control. Complexities in supply chain due to globalization and emergence of new technology and changing customer demands are making the effective management of these risks even more taxing. Supply chain professionals and Risk managers must be able to understand the risks and determine how best to manage those risks.

Join us for this Free Webinar and learn how to limit the impact of supply chain disruptions on your business by identifying the risks within your supply chain and developing ways to mitigate them.

  • Introduction to supply chain risk management
  • Managing the risk of supply chain disruption & vulnerabilities
  • The Changing Face of Supply Chain Risks
  • External & Internal Risk Drivers
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Role of standards: ISO 31000, ISO 2800 & ISO 22301
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emerging Technologies Risk – Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Quantum Computing
  • Forum :SCM Forum
  • Seminar :Procurement & Supply Chain Webinar
  • Topic :Risks in Supply Chain
  • Date :04th February 2022
  • Time :7.00 – 8.30pm (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone :+971 5458 156 02
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